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Why Book Axe Throwing?

man in red shirt holding axe in front of a target

Does this experience sound a little crazy

STOP! Anyone can learn how to throw an axe and stick it! Plus, benefits like cardio, stress relief, and team building make it hard to pass up. And if you’re a Viking at heart, it’s always a good survival skill to nurture.


The most common question asked is, “How does axe throwing work? We’ve never thrown an axe before.”


We have been where you are and want to make sure we break down your axe throwing experience so that you arrive completely prepared and confident that by the end of your visit you’ll be hitting the bullseye.

Black Bear Claw Marks


Step 1: Book your time with us! Pretty simple stuff. Decide to do something awesome and then do it! 

Step 2: Fill out our waiver. This is all the legal stuff that protects us if someone leaves with less than what they came with. Just kidding. You’ll be fine. Promise.


Step 3: Arrive a little earlier than your designated time. This helps us get you started as close to your booking time as possible, leaving time to teach everyone in your party how to be the best axe thrower in Newnan. 

Step 4: Meet your lane coach! During your time with us, you will have a designated lane coach that will stick with you for the majority of your hour. Your lane coach will teach you all of our safety procedures, how to throw properly and effectively, play the many fun and exciting axe throwing games with you, and keep score for you so that you can get the most out of your time with us. 


Step 5: Have the time of your life! We guarantee that you will leave feeling a little lighter than when you came in. All the contagious fun will help relieve all of your stress and frustration from daily life! 


Step 6: Come back to see us! You’ll receive a loyalty card at the end of your Black Bear Axe Throwing experience to keep you coming back for more! Come see us 5 times and get your 6th visit on us!


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